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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Tags: miracles
Vietnam will continue making new miracles: new State President Vietnam will continue making new miracles: new State President
Vietnam will continue to make new miracles on the foundation of the nation’s glorious tradition, turning the country into a prosperous and strong one, stated newly-elected State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc while taking the oath of office on April 5.
Vietnam reaches for prosperity Vietnam reaches for prosperity
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Nguyen Phu Trong shares his thoughts with the Vietnam News Agency on the efforts the Party and Vietnamese people have made to bring the country to where it is today.
Then singing in the Tays and Nungs life Then singing in the Tay’s and Nung’s life
Then - a type of performance combining literature, music and dance - is not only a genre of folk art but also a cultural and belief activity of the Tay and Nung. Its songs and dances reflect the groups’ daily life ranging from happiness and sadness to ambitions and wishes for a happy and peaceful life.
French-ruled Vietnams laws on crimes of infringing upon other peoples property French-ruled Vietnam's laws on crimes of infringing upon other people's property
In the criminal laws of French-ruled Vietnam, the crimes of infringing upon other people’s property were prescribed largely in Chapter XXII of the “Hoang Viet Hinh Luat” (Vietnamese Emperor’s Penal Code), which were divided by the then feudal law-makers into four groups: the crimes of stealing and plundering property; the crimes of extortion of property; the crimes of appropriating property through swindling or abusing trust in order to appropriate property, and the crimes of destroying property.


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