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Friday, February 28, 2020

Draft law introduces measures to guarantee safety for tourists

Updated: 08:48’ - 14/06/2016
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has recently released the second draft of the revised Tourism Law which  devotes a separate chapter to providing rights and obligations of tourists as well as measures to ensure safety for them.

Under the 83-article draft law, tourist is defined as a person who goes on a tour or makes a tour in combination with other jobs within no more than one consecutive year, unless he travels for study, work or practice to earn income in the place of destination.

Tourists could book the whole or just part of a tour program and accompanied services of a tourism company__Photo: Internet

The draft requires state agencies to give warnings and apply necessary measures to prevent risks, ensure safety for tourists’ health, life and property, and prevent all acts to earn illicit profits from tourists. In emergency cases, these agencies would have to take rescue and salvage measures to minimize damage caused to tourists.

The draft also asks tourist destinations to use risk prevention measures and organize security, rescue and first aid forces to help tourists when necessary. Tour operators must provide tourists with prompt information and instructions on emergency cases, diseases and possible risks, and coordinate with related agencies in, rescuing tourists.

According to drafters, tourists would have the right to book the whole or just part of a tour program and accompanied services of a tourism company and ask this company to provide necessary information on tour programs, services and destinations. They would also be assisted in carrying out entry, exit, transit, customs, accommodation and travel procedures in the territory of Vietnam, except restricted areas.

Tourists would be entitled to the whole services as agreed upon in the tourism contract, tourism insurance and other types of insurance as prescribed by law. However, they would have the right to refuse any service not stated in the contract.

Tourists would be entitled to support and rescue in emergency cases and compensation for damage caused by tour operators. They might lodge complaints or denunciations or initiate lawsuits against acts of violating the tourism law, in addition to other lawful rights.

Meanwhile, tourists would be obliged to observe the laws of Vietnam and of places of destination outside Vietnam’s territory, respect and preserve natural tourism resources as well as culture and indigenous cultural values of the tourist destinations. They would also have to follow internal rules of tourist sites and pay service charges under contracts and fees and other amounts under law.

They would be responsible for paying compensation for damage caused by their faults to tour operators. Particularly, tourists being Vietnamese citizens should show civilized behaviors and would not prejudice the national image and cultural traditions.- (VLLF)

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