Import of used ships for breaking to be permitted

From next year, enterprises may import used ships for demolition, provided they satisfy environmental requirements.

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Vietnam Month In Review

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and international leaders at the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

Prime Minister urges Asia and Europe to work together

The PM described sustainable development as the key to fighting rising global challenges in his address to the second plenary session of the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting held in Milan, Italy, on October…


Leaders of Vietnam Bar Federation at a meeting with the Working Team of the Central Steering Committee for Judicial Reform __Photo: Doan Tan/VNA

Vietnam Bar Federation poised to develop the pool of lawyers

The Vietnam Bar Federation has operated since 2008 to represent the will and protect lawful interests of Vietnamese lawyers and bar associations toward achieving the purpose of protecting justice.


Presiding judge Nguyen Quang Vinh opens the court hearing for the land-related murder attempt case in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city __Photo: Doan Tan/VNA

Revised Law on Courts: Why term of office of judges should be extended

The Law on Organization of People’s Courts is currently under revision to be compliant with the new Constitution and to meet the requirements of the judicial reform. Improving the quality of…

Society & Law

Beer-canning line in Dai Viet Beer Factory __Photo: Tran Viet/VNA

Draft law on beer trading draws public criticism

A recently released draft decree on management of beer production and trading is receiving public criticism for its impracticality and unenforceability.


Oil and gas exploitation at Bach Ho (White Tiger) oil field in Vietnam’s continental shelf __Photo: Huy Hung/VNA

Content and roadmap for a legally binding Code of Conduct in the East Sea

Tension in the East Sea (the South China Sea) region reached its peak level the past two years. New occupation, new claims, arrest of fishing vessels and other incidents have complicated the disputes…

Law Guide

Law on Customs

The Customs Law (the Law), which was passed in June this year, aims to comprehensively renovate customs activities through modernization of customs management in accordance with international…


PM okays annulment of regulations on license tax collection and payment

PM okayed proposed tax changes

The Prime Minister has agreed with the Ministry of Finance’s proposed changes in a draft law revising the current tax laws with a view to removing difficulties for domestic businesses.


New rice festival of the Xo Dang __Photo: VNA file

The Xo Dang

The Xo Dang, a Mon-Khmer language group, mainly lives in the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum with a population of nearly 170,000


Ocean cruise ship SuperStar Gemini calls at Tien Sa port, Da Nang city __Photo: Tran Le Lam/VNA

Da Nang determined to tap growth opportunities

Covering an area of 1,283.42 square kilometers and having a population of around one million, Da Nang city is located 764 kilometers to the south of Hanoi capital and 964 kilometers to the north of…

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