Cases eligible for name change
My wife and I are a Vietnamese-Korean couple. My wife just gave birth to a boy and we intend to register Vietnamese citizenship for him. When my son grows up, can he change his given name if he does not like it?
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According to Article 28 of the 2015 Civil Code, there are several cases when a person may request a competent state agency to recognize the change of his/her given name.

- The use of such name causes confusion or affects his/her family feelings or his/her honor, lawful rights and interests;

- He/she is adopted and his/her adoptive father/mother requests the change of his/her name or he/she ceases to be an adopted child and he/she or his/her biological father/mother requests reclaiming the given name which was given to him by the biological parents;

- It is so requested by him/her or his/her biological father/mother when carrying out procedures for identification of father/mother;

- He/she was lost from his/her family since childhood and now wishes to change his/her given name after discovering his/her ancestry;

- He/she is married to a foreigner and wishes to change his/her name in accordance with the law of the country of which his/her spouse is a citizen or wishes to take back the former name;

- He/she is a sexually reassigned or transgendered person and wishes to change his/her name;

- Other cases specified by the law on civil status.

So when your son grows up, he may change his given name if he falls into one of the above-mentioned cases.-(VLLF)

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