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Saturday, June 10, 2023

If you are doing business in Vietnam, advising clients on doing business in Vietnam, or are interested in the laws and legal system of Vietnam, VIETNAM LAW & LEGAL FORUM magazine is for you.

Now available at our office:
- The OFFICIAL GAZETTE - The English Translation of CÔNG BÁO
- Vietnamese-English bilingual law books

Published monthly in English by Vietnam News Agency, since September 1994, Vietnam Law & Legal Forum magazine has been a reliable friend of those who wish to inquire into Vietnamese laws and policies. 
The OFFICIAL GAZETTE, published 12 issues a month, is the English translation of new legal documents printed in the Government Office’s Công Báo. Since September 1994 nearly 10,000 legal documents on different domains have been translated into English and published in the Official Gazette.
We also publish the Penal Code, the Enterprise Law, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Civil Procedure Code, the Construction Law and other laws bilingually, in English and Vietnamese.

Prices of printed publications:

        * Vietnam Law & Legal Forum magazine:
          Domestic delivery: VND 47,000/issue or VND 564,000/year.
          Overseas delivery: US$ 5.00/issue or US$ 60,00/year

        * Official Gazette:   
          Domestic delivery: VND 47,000/issue or VND 6,768,000/year.
          Overseas delivery: US$ 5.00/issue or US$ 720,00/year

Prices of PDF files of Vietnam Law & Legal Forum magazine, from January 2020:
          Domestic delivery: VND 47,000/issue or VND 564,000/year.
          Overseas delivery: US$ 2.00/issue or US$ 24,00/year

Prices of electronic files of Official Gazette:
        * Provided on a contractual basis for internal use only; transfer to a third party, republication or trading are prohibited:
        - Document files of Official Gazette: VND 290,000/issue or VND 41,760,000/year (144 issues)
        - PDF files of Official Gazette: VND 100,000/issue or VND 14,400,000/year (144 issues)
        - Document files of individual documents published in the Official Gazette: VND 25,000/A4-size sheet
        * For provision of document files sorted by domain or promulgating entity, or for other use purposes such as publishing books or posting on websites, please contact the Vietnam Law and Legal Forum editorial office for more details.

For more details, please contact:
+ Hanoi head office: 79 Ly Thuong Kiet.
  Tel.:84.24.38248670   Fax: 84.24.38248672.  Email:
+ Southern Rep. Office & Distribution:
   120 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City.  Tel.:84.28.39306348   Fax: 84.28.39303414

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