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Official Gazette

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Public non-business educational institutions to enjoy autonomy

Updated: 15:12’ - 29/10/2014
All education and training service providers would stand on an equal footing, regardless of their economic sectors.

This is one of the policies on education and training services recently introduced by the Ministry of Education and Training in a draft decree on application of the mechanism of autonomy and accountability to public non-business educational and training institutions.

The State would apply the method of bidding, order placement or task assignment to state budget-funded units having the function to provide non-business education and training services. 

Additionally, the State would gradually change the method of providing support to policy beneficiaries. Instead of providing indirect support via education and training institutions, the State would give support directly to education and training service users eligible for preferential policies. To this end, the draft decree sets a specific roadmap for calculation of charge rates for state budget-funded education and training services, aiming at the target that by 2018 service charges will be sufficient to cover all expenses, including salaries of teaching and administering staff, expenses for general management as well as teaching and learning activities and fixed-asset depreciation, plus a reasonable accumulation.

Under the draft, non-business education institutions would be classified into three categories, including: (i) entirely autonomous institutions which can generate sufficient funds to cover their regular operations and make development investment; (ii) autonomous institutions which would be tasked to generate funds to cover their regular expenses; and (iii) not-yet-autonomous institutions which remain unable to fully make up for their regular costs or which receive funds for regular operations from the State based on their education and training tasks assigned by competent authorities.

Non-business education and training institutions would be required to open accounts at state treasuries to control their state budget allocations. Meanwhile, revenues from and expenditures for provision of education and training services would be collected or paid via other accounts opened at commercial banks or state treasuries at their convenience. Particularly, entirely autonomous institutions may deposit the whole collected amount of school fees and other service charges at banks and use interests to grant scholarships.

The Ministry of Education and Training is gathering public comments on the draft decree via its website ( before submitting it to the Government.-      


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