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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Natural resources and environment business conditions detailed

Updated: 10:17’ - 14/07/2016
The Government on July 1 issued Decree No. 60/2016/ND-CP, prescribing business investment conditions in the natural resources and environment sector.

Decree No. 60/2016/ND-CP prescribes several conditions on organizations and individuals practicing in water resource sector__Photo: Internet

Accordingly, to obtain a groundwater drilling license, an organization or individual engaged in groundwater exploration drilling must possess either an establishment decision issued by a competent authority or any of the following papers: business registration certificate, business and tax registration certificate or enterprise registration certificate (for organizations) or business household certificate issued by a competent body (for individuals and households).

In addition, head of such organization or person in charge of technical operation of the practicing organization or individual must fully satisfy the conditions prescribed in this Decree, and drilling machines and equipment must have appropriate technical functions in accordance with regulations.

Groundwater drilling may be conducted on a small, medium or large scale. Organizations and individuals licensed to conduct groundwater drilling may do so on the licensed scale or smaller scale. They may also make exploration drilling holes or wells of a diameter stated in their licenses for the purposes of groundwater exploitation, survey or observation.

Regarding the capacity of organizations practicing in water resource sector, in addition to possessing one of the above-mentioned certificates, these organizations are also required to have qualified professional personnel participating in the implementation of water resource projects.

Decree No. 60 also prescribes conditions on organizations practicing mineral exploration, trading in biological products for waste treatment, transporting dangerous goods including toxic or contagious substances in group 6 specified in Government Decrees No. 29/2005/ND-CP, No. 14/2005/ND-CP and No. 104/2009/ND-CP, and conditions for licensing of hazardous waste treatment.- (VLLF)

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