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Saturday, April 1, 2023

93rd anniversary of Communist Party: its ultimate goal to serve the people

Updated: 09:00’ - 03/02/2023
93 years ago today, the Communist Party of Vietnam was founded by late President Ho Chi Minh.
The significant historic event is the result of the flexible, clever application of Marxism-Leninism with Vietnam’s patriotic and labor movements by the leader, who believed Vietnam must follow the proletarian revolution path to gain national independence.

Vietnam has risen from a poor, underdeveloped country to a middle income with GDP growth of 8.02 percent in 2022__Photo: VNA

Our Party’s 90-year-plus journey has always been difficult but extremely glorious. The Vietnamese revolution’s periods have been marked by our Party’s significant achievements in leading our people to build the country’s fortune, of which the closely-knit relationship between the Party and the people is key.
History has proven the closely-knit relationship between the Party and people, which contributed to the victorious triumphs of the Vietnamese people in the national liberation revolution, the resistance war as well as today’s cause of national renewal and protection of the country.
The people were the very reason the Party was founded, existed and the goals it strives towards - for the independence, freedom and happiness of the people.
The source of endless and invincible strength of the Party comes from the people and in the people. The Party belongs to the people, for the people and cares about the people.
The Vietnamese revolution over the past 90 years has shown the strength and the driving force that determined all the victories of the Vietnamese people.
History and reality have proven that the Party represents the interests of the working class, the working people and the entire Vietnamese nation.
The Party has no other interests than working for the benefit of the people and the nation. Our nation’s history and people chose the Communist Party of Vietnam as the leading force, leading the nation on the path to independence, freedom, prosperity and happiness.
The Vietnamese people chose and gave the Party the sole right to lead and govern the country.
15 years after being founded and with just 5,000 members, the Party launched the August Revolution, overthrowing the monarchy ruling for decades, breaking the colonial chains for nearly 100 years, winning power back for the people, and building the foundation for the independent and free Democratic Republic of Vietnam. This is a tremendous change in the country’s history.
Although it faced a number of challenges that seemed insurmountable - heavy war consequences, the economic crisis in the late 1970s, the embargo of imperialism and the collapse of the socialist regime in the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries in the 1990s, the Party once again demonstrated not only its unwavering loyalty limited to class and nation, but it also raises itself to the level required by history and nation.
In 1986, at the 6th Party Congress, the Party initiated the national renewal. After more than 35 years of Doi moi (Renewal) and international integration, our country has gained extremely important achievements in socio-economic development, politics, security, defense foreign relations.
The most outstanding achievement is economic growth and development. Vietnam was no longer a poor, underdeveloped country and was ranked among middle-income countries since 2008.
Per capita income reached over USD 4,000 and the GDP growth hit 8.02 percent in 2022, the highest in the 2011-2022 period.
Social security and people's lives continue to be improved. Education and training, science and technology, culture, society, health has many development steps. Infrastructure development is also strengthened, especially traffic, electricity, clean water. This is a very important factor contributing to strengthening the relationship between the Party and the people.
The Party has drastically implemented the anti-corruption drive, detected and punished incumbent or retired officials in a strict and humane manner with the principle of "no forbidden zones”.
The thousand-year history of the Vietnamese nation has had many periods of brilliant development, but never before has the nation's position and stature been affirmed as it is today. It has been made possible thanks to the tremendous efforts of the people under the leadership of the Party.- (VNA/VLLF)

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