95 years of Vietnam's revolutionary press
Nearly a century since the first issue of the weekly Thanh nien newspaper was published, the Vietnamese revolutionary press has blossomed in number and quality.

Nearly a century since the first issue of the weekly Thanh nien newspaper was published, the Vietnamese revolutionary press has blossomed in number and quality.

According to data from the Ministry of Information and Communications, by the end of November 2019, the country had a total of 850 press units, including one news agency, 179 newspapers, 648 magazines, 23 independent online news sites; 72 certified radio and television broadcasters including two national broadcasters and 64 local broadcasters.

There are about 41,000 people working at press agencies, with 20,407 granted press cards.

A copy of a 1929 November issue of Bua Liem
(Hammer & Sickle) by the Indochinese Communist Party,
appealing for unity from the oppressed people all
over the world__Photo: VNA

At all times, the Vietnamese revolutionary press has been the fastest and most popular information instrument, the means to keep in touch with the people and help solve emerging problems, while at the same time, it combats vile conspiracies and tricks of hostile forces as well as erroneous slants in thoughts and actions, and makes contributions to the organization of the people’s revolutionary action movement.

The Vietnamese press has effectively contributed to the protection of the national sovereignty over sea and islands, as well as the Party and State’s crusade against corruption and waste.

Press activities have helped maintain political stability, sustaining the cause of innovation, gradually building new people and new lifestyles.

The press has promoted new economic and business models, new factors, good people and good deeds; promoted the upholding of the Vietnamese people’s values and cultural traditions, encouraging people to selectively acquire influences from the advanced nations of the world.

Reporters and editors have gotten in touch with contemporary life and social concerns, not backing down from danger, to produce quality work.

The press has fulfilled its duties as a bridge between the Party and the State and the public, becoming an important information channel for the Party and State in the making of policies and mechanisms that can respond to the interests and demands of the people.

However, the Vietnamese press has also revealed some limitations and shortcomings. Many newspapers are similar in content, expression or appearance or vague in identity and mission. Unhealthy competition for views and clicks has also led to the spread of misinformation and unverified reports.

To materialize the Party’s viewpoints on building and developing a press system to protect the nation and promote country-building efforts, the Government has issued planning for press agencies until 2025, aiming to reorganize the press system in the country.

In the new context, with relentless advancements of information technology and the fierce competition from and between various types of media, the revolutionary press of Vietnam needs to continue cultivating its special role - serving as the voice of the Party, the State, the country’s various socio-political organizations and professions, a reliable forum of the people, protecting the interests of the people while being a sharp weapon in the fight against hostile forces and struggles against immoralities - to help realize the ambition of a prosperous and robust Vietnam.-

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