Cabinet determines to accelerate restructuring of state enterprises
The Government urges ministries, sectors, localities and enterprises to promptly improve mechanisms and policies on state enterprise restructuring, and effectively implement measures to equitize state enterprises under the 2015 plan.

The Government on September 7 released the resolution of its August regular meeting, requesting ministries, sectors and localities to synchronously and effectively carry out tasks and measures set forth in relevant resolutions of the Party, the National Assembly and the Government, focusing on improving mechanims and policies on state enterprise restructuring and effectively implementing measures to equitize state enterprises under the 2015 plan.

The Government's regular meeting in August__Photo: Duc Tam/VNA

Under Resolution No. 62/NQ-CP, the State Bank of Vietnam is tasked to flexibly and rationally use monetary policy tools to stabilize exchange and interest rates; apply solutions to extend credit facilities to prioritized sectors; intensify non-performing loan (NPL) inspection and scrutiny; and strive to bring down the NPL ratio to below three percent.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has to work with related agencies and localities in further mobilizing investment capital for socio-economic development; promptly proposing measures to solve difficulties and accelerate the disbursement of development investment capital sources, especially official development assistance for key and urgent projects.

The Ministry of Finance is assigned to take measures to balance state budget revenues and expenditures to suit practical situation; increase inspection of compliance with regulations on price, tax and charge management regarding essential goods and services; continue to beef up the reform of administrative procedures in the fields of taxation and customs; and ensure stable and healthy development of the stock market.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is requested to seek to expand markets, boost exports and closely control imports.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is expected to focus on directing the effective implementation of the scheme on agricultural restructuring in association with building of a new countryside; and coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in devising measures to improve the salability of farm produce on overseas markets.

The Ministry of Transport and provincial-level People’s Committees are tasked to review the implementation and appraise the efficiency of road infrastructure projects invested in the form of build-operate-transfer, and enhance inspection of safety conditions of these projects’ construction.- (VLLF)

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