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Monday, October 3, 2022

Consultative conferences held to ensure democracy in elections

Updated: 09:12’ - 23/03/2021
Consultative conferences have been held three times to select virtuous and talented candidates running for seats in the National Assembly in a democratic fashion and in line with existing regulations.

At the third meeting of the National Election Council__Photo: VNA

The Presidium of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee has completed the organization of the first and second consultative conferences. After the second, the list of candidates was publicized to collect voters’ opinions.

Evaluating the outcomes of the second consultative conference, Vice President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee Ngo Sach Thuc said all delegates at the conference approved a preliminary list of 205 candidates nominated by central agencies, organizations, and units.

Right after the second conference, the VFF Central Committee compiled a detailed report and sent it to competent authorities for consideration.

To date, most cities and provinces have finished the organization of the second consultative conferences to draw up a list of candidates for the upcoming elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2021-2026 tenure.

According to the VFF, as of March 17, the number of candidates nationwide topped 1,161, equivalent to 2.3 times the number of deputies to be elected. Of the total, there were 77 self-nominated candidates in 24 cities and provinces nationwide, including 30 in Hanoi and 16 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Right after the second consultative conference, the VFF Committees in localities joined hands with relevant organizations to collect votes of confidence on candidates in their residential areas.

Thuc said the collection will be held in a democratic fashion and in accordance with regulations on elections.

The third consultative conference will be organized before 5pm on April 19 to select the official list of candidates for the election of NA deputies. It will be chaired by the Presidium of the VFF Central Committee.

Meanwhile, the third conferences in cities and provinces will be held between April 14 and 18.

According to Thuc, candidates for the election of deputies to the National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels are chosen based on standards and regulations set in the Law on Election of Deputies to the National Assembly and People’s Councils, the Law on the Organization of the National Assembly, Instruction No. 36 from the Party Central Committee’s Organization Commission, and the Politburo’s Directive No. 45.

The VFF has compiled a plan to strictly supervise election tasks, he said, adding that election committees at all levels are responsible for receiving and answering questions from voters.

If there are complaints and denunciations against candidates, they must be settled in line with existing regulations, Thuc said.

The elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 tenure are scheduled to take place on May 23.

There will be a total of 500 seats in the 15th National Assembly at both central and local levels, according to a new resolution adopted by the NA Standing Committee.

The NA expects to have 207 deputies, or 41.1 percent of the total, representing central organizations, including agencies of the NA, the Party and the President as well as the Government and ministries.

The 293 others, or 58.6 percent, will represent local administrations. Sixty-three, or 12.6 percent, of the seats will be assumed by top leaders of centrally-run cities and provinces, such as Secretary and Vice Secretary of the municipal/provincial Party Committees, Chairpersons of the People’s Councils and Chairpersons of the People’s Committees.

According to the resolution, about 95 lawmakers (14 percent) will be members of the Party Central Committee, including 12 – 14 Politburo members.

There will be about 25 – 50 deputies who are non-Party members and 50 deputies under 40 while ethnic minority people are expected to account for 18 percent of the number of official nominees.

The resolution also states that female deputies should account at least 35 percent of the total official nominees.- (VNA/VLLF)

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