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Official Gazette

Saturday, October 24, 2020

DECREE No. 28/2007/ND-CP:

Updated: 17:19’ - 14/03/2007

This Decree, issued by the Government on February 26, details and guides the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Lawyers regarding criteria of lawyers, law-practicing organizations, bar associations, and practice by foreign law-practicing organizations or foreign lawyers in Vietnam.

According to the Decree, a law-practicing organization may sign a labor contract to hire licensed foreign lawyer(s). Rights and obligations of foreign lawyer(s) must be agreed in the contract in accordance with the Law on Lawyers, this Decree and relevant laws.

Within 7 working days after the contract is signed or terminated, the law-practicing organization shall notify such in writing and send the contract to the Justice Service of the province or centrally run city where it registers its operation.

Within 15 days after being granted an operation registration paper, a Vietnam-based foreign law-practicing organization shall make announcement on a local or central newspaper for three consecutive issues and notify in writing the bar association and the tax office of the locality where it is headquartered of the following:

- Name and address of its headquarter;

- Domains of practice;

- Full names of the head of the foreign law firm’s branch and of the firm’s director.

A Vietnam-based foreign law-practicing organization shall temporarily cease its operation at its own will or when it is suspended from operation for a given period of time.

At least 30 days before resuming its operation, the foreign law-practicing organization shall send a written report thereon to the Justice Ministry and the Justice Service, the bar association and the tax office of the province or centrally run city where it is headquartered.

This Decree supersedes Government Decrees No. 94/2001/ND-CP of December 12, 2001, and No. 87/2003/ND-CP of July 22, 2003; and the Justice Ministry’s Circulars No. 02/2002/TT-BTP of January 22, 2002, and No. 06/2003/TT-BTP of October 29, 2003.-

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