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Friday, October 7, 2022

Decree No. 62/2012/ND-CP: Measures to protect human trafficking victims introduced

Updated: 17:06’ - 27/08/2012

Trafficked people; people transferred or received for forced prostitution; people forced to play roles in films or contents recorded or illustrated in obscene or pornographic video tapes, disks, books, pictures and calendars, or to perform strip teases or act as sex slaves against their will; and people otherwise victimized against the law and their will in the domain of labor, marriage and family, etc., are all treated as human trafficking victims.

According to Government Decree No. 62/2012/ND-CP of August 13, providing grounds for identification of, and protection of safety for, human trafficking victims and their relatives, from October 10, responsible agencies may use the following measures to protect victims and their relatives:

(i) keeping secret the provision of materials and evidences by protected people;

(ii) keeping secret personal information, identifications, residence, working and learning places and other information related to protected people;

(iii) arranging guards at protected people’s residences, working and learning places, court hearings and other necessary places;

(iv) restricting protected people’s movement;

(v) arranging temporary shelters;

(vi) arranging new residences, working and learning places;

(vii) applying measures to prevent and ward off acts harming or threatening to harm the life, health, honor, dignity and property of protected people in accordance with law; and

(viii) conducting hearings behind closed doors.-


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