Ede ethnic people’s traditional costume
Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups whose traditional costumes present their own unique features. Ede ethnic group's costume constitutes a high level of aesthetic value.
The Ede are the 12th most populous of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, totaling 330,000. They live in Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen provinces__Photo: VNA
Ede ethnic people in their traditional costumes in a ceremony held to pray for elephant’s health in Dak Lak province__Photo: VNA
The brocade looms of the M'Nong, Ma, and Ede ethnic groups are quite similar and are all made of bamboo and wood. The rudimentary tool needs the help of the weaver's foot and hand__Photo: VNA
The Ede ethnic group lives mostly in Vietnam’s central and central highlands region__Photo: VNA
Ede ethnic group’s traditional costume__Photo: VNA
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