Hang Luoc flower market bustling in the days leading to Tet
In the days leading up to Tet, the Hang Luoc Flower Market in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi consistently stands out as a captivating destination for a multitude of residents of the capital city and tourists celebrating the Lunar New Year, indulging in festivities and shopping.
Foreign visitors delight in immersing themselves in the pre-Tet atmosphere at Hang Luoc Flower Market__Photo: VNA
International tourists choose to linger and soak in the pre-Tet ambiance at Hang Luoc Flower Market__Photo: VNA
Local residents engage in purchasing ornamental plants in preparation for the upcoming Year of the Dragon festivities__Photo: VNA
The traditional Tet flower market on Hang Luoc street in the Hanoi’s Old Quarter continues to attract a significant number of young people, offering them an opportunity to celebrate the Lunar New Year and capture the essence of the early moments of the year__Photo: VNA
Local residents are actively shopping for decorative plants in anticipation of the Year of the Dragon celebrations__Photo: VNA
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