Official Gazette issues Nos 11-12 March 2017, published on June 16, 2017
Official Gazette issues Nos 11-12 March 2017, published on June 16, 2017

The English versions of the following legal documents are now available in issues Nos. 11-12 March 2017 of the Official Gazette, which are released on June 16, 2017:

- Decree No. 44/2017/ND-CP of April 14, 2016, prescribing the rate of compulsory social insurance premium payable to the Occupational Accident and Disease Insurance Fund;

- Decision No. 488/QD-TTg of April 14, 2017, approving the Scheme on renewal and development of social support activities during 2017-2025 with a vision toward 2030;

- Decision No. 544/QD-TTg of April 20, 2017, approving the medium-term debt management program for the 2016-2018 period;

- Circular No. 31/2017/TT-BTC of April 18, 2017, amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Ministry of Finance’s Circular No. 99/2016/TT-BTC of June 29, 2016, guiding the management of value-added tax refund;

- Decree No. 45/2017/ND-CP of April 21, 2017, detailing the formulation of five-year finance plans and three-year finance-state budget plans;

- Circular No. 02/2017/TT-BKHDT of April 18, 2017, guiding the coordination mechanism for completing the investment and enterprise registration procedures for foreign investors; and,

- Resolution No. 38/NQ-CP of April 25, 2017, promulgating the Government’s Action Program to implement Resolution No. 06-NQ/TW on “Effective international economic integration and maintenance of socio-political stability in the context when Vietnam accedes to new-generation free trade agreements”.- (VLLF)

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