Official Gazette issues Nos 20-22/2018, coming out on May 28, 2018
Official Gazette issues Nos 20-22/2018, coming out on May 28, 2018

Available on May 28, 2018, Official Gazette issues Nos. 20-22/2018 introduce six legal documents translated into English. They are:

- Circular No. 34/2017/TT-BLDTBXH of December 29, 2017, prescribing the recognition of vocational education diplomas and certificates granted by foreign vocational education establishments;

- Decision No. 241/QD-TTg of February 23, 2018, approving the Scheme on via-bank payment for public services, including taxes, electricity and water charges, school fees and hospital charges, and under social security programs;

- Circular No. 03/2018/TT-NHNN of February 23, 2018, providing the licensing, organization and operation of microfinance institutions;

- Decree No. 168/2017/ND-CP of December 31, 2017, detailing a number of articles of the Law on Tourism;

- Joint Circular No. 02/2018/TTLT-BCA-VKSNDTC-TANDTC-BQP of February 01, 2018, prescribing the order, procedures, time limit and place for the accused or at-law representatives of crime-committing commercial legal entities to read and take notes of copies of documents or digitized documents related to their accusation or exculpation or copies of other documents related to their defense; and,

- Joint Circular No. 03/2018/TTLT-BCA-VKSNDTC-TANDTC-BQP of February 1, 2018, guiding the order and procedures for making audio recordings or audio-visual recordings during investigation, prosecution or trial; and the use, preservation and archive of these audio recordings and audio-visual recordings. (VLLF)

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