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Monday, May 29, 2023
English translations of Legal documents published

Official Gazette issues Nos 25-27/2021, published on June 16, 2021

Updated: 11:07’ - 17/06/2021

Published on June 16, 2021, Official Gazette issues Nos. 20-24/2021, introduce eleven legal documents translated into English. These are: 

- Decree No. 12/2021/ND-CP of February 24, 2021, amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Government’s Decree No. 89/2013/ND-CP of August 6, 2013, detailing a number of articles of the Law on Price regarding valuation;
- Circular No. 122/2020/TT-BTC of December 31, 2020, guiding the information disclosure and reporting regimes under the Government’s Decree No. 153/2020/ND-CP of December 31, 2020, on private placement of corporate bonds and trading of privately placed corporate bonds in the domestic market and offering of corporate bonds to the international market;
- Resolution No. 21/NQ-CP of February 26, 2021, on procurement and use of COVID-19 vaccines;
- Decision No. 255/QD-TTg of February 25, 2021, approving the Plan on restructuring of agriculture in the 2021-2025 period;
- Resolution No. 24/NQ-CP of February 26, 2021, approving the proposal for formulation of a Decree on customs management of exported and imported goods traded via e-commerce platforms;
- Decision No. 07/2021/QD-TTg of March 2, 2021, amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 38/2017/QD-TTg of August 18, 2017, prescribing the border-gate transfer of imports for which customs procedures are carried out at Hanoi’s My Dinh Inland Clearance Depot;
- Circular No. 09/2020/TT-BLDTBXH of November 12, 2020, detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Labor Code regarding minor workers;
- Circular No. 17/2021/TT-BTC of February 26, 2021, amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Minister of Finance’s Circular No. 14/2015/TT-BTC of January 30, 2015, guiding classification, analysis for classification, and analysis for quality inspection and food safety inspection of imports and exports;
- Circular No. 10/2020/TT-BKHCN of December 30, 2020, detailing, and providing measures to implement, a number of articles of the Government’s Decree No. 132/2008/ND-CP of December 31, 2008, and Decree No. 74/2018/ND-CP of May 15, 2018, regarding use of article numbers and barcodes;
- Resolution No. 28/NQ-CP of March 3, 2021, promulgating the 2021-2030 National Strategy on Gender Equality; and,
- Decision No. 287/QD-TTg of March 2, 2021, approving partial adjustments to the master plan on water supply in the Mekong River delta through 2030, with a vision toward 2050.- (VLLF)


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