English translations of Legal documents published
Official Gazette issues Nos 57-60/2022, issued on August 30, 2022
Official Gazette issues Nos 57-60/2022, issued on August 30, 2022

Issued on August 30, 2022, Official Gazette issues Nos. 57-60/2022, introduce twelve legal documents translated into English. They are:

- Resolution No. 57/NQ-CP of April 21, 2022, on the tasks and solutions to complete institutions for connectivity of socio-economic regions;

- Decision No. 508/QD-TTg of April 23, 2022, approving the Strategy for reform of the tax system through 2030;

- Decision No. 523/QD-TTg of April 27, 2022, approving the Program on 5-year periodical overall survey and assessment of fisheries resources and habitats of aquatic species nationwide through 2030;

- Resolution No. 60/NQ-CP of April 27, 2022, supplementing the list of international border gates that permit foreigners’ entry and exit with electronic visas;

- Resolution No. 19/2022/UBTVQH15 of April 21, 2022, adjusting the 2022 law- and ordinance-making program;

- Decision No. 569/QD-TTg of May 11, 2022, promulgating the Strategy for development of science, technology and innovation through 2030;

- Resolution No. 01/2022/NQ-HDTP of April 15, 2022, amending and supplementing a number of articles of Resolution No. 02/2018/NQ-HDTP of May 15, 2018, of the Judicial Council of the Supreme People’s Court, guiding the application of Article 65 of the Penal Code regarding suspended sentence;

- Resolution No. 68/NQ-CP of May 12, 2022, on further renewing, raising operational efficiency and mobilizing resources of state-owned enterprises, with economic groups and corporations being the focus, in socio-economic development;

- Directive No. 04/CT-TTg of May 17, 2022, on a number of urgent tasks and solutions to conserve wild and migratory birds in Vietnam;

- Directive No. 05/CT-TTg of May 18, 2022, on enhancing the management and protection of forests, addressing illegal deforestation and encroachment on forest land;

- Decree No. 30/2022/ND-CP of May 19, 2022, providing the model of management of national tourist zones; and,

- Decree No. 32/2022/ND-CP of May 21, 2022, on the extension of deadlines for excise tax payment for domestically manufactured or assembled cars.- (VLLF)

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