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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Party Committee identifies goals for 2009

Updated: 10:18’ - 24/10/2008

The Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) held its eighth plenary session in Hanoi on October 2-4, discussing the country’s socio-economic performance and state budget of 2008 and orientations for the 2009 socio-economic development plan and state budget estimates.

In its communiqué released on October 4, the CPVCC stated that the country initially made important achievements including the taming of inflation, macro-economic stability and good economic growth.

Due attention has been paid to social welfare, education-training, healthcare, culture, information and environmental protection, the CPVCC said.

Administrative reform, the fight against corruption and waste and thrift have made headway, while foreign relations have been strengthened and international cooperation boosted.

As a result, political and social stability have been maintained, security and defense sustained and social order secured, the CPVCC said.

Based on its forecast and analysis of the national and global situation and the country’s 2006-2010 socio-economic development tasks, the CPVCC set out some general goals for 2009, with top priority continuing to be controlling inflation to achieve one-digit inflation by 2010, thus gradually stabilizing the macro-economy. Social welfare should be further improved and the growth rate kept at an appropriate and sustainable level.

The CPVCC also called for more effective international cooperation and economic integration, political stability, and firm defense, security and social order in order to accomplish the 2006-2010 socio-economic plan targets set out at the 10th National CPV Congress.

In his speech at the closing session, Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh said strong leadership was needed during the implementation of monetary, credit and fiscal policies to contain inflation and stabilize the macro-economy.

Any difficulties and hindrances should be removed promptly to promote investment and production and raise the quality and efficiency of the economy so it can maintain an appropriate growth rate.

The Party leader stressed that exports should be boosted while imports controlled to narrow the trade deficit, while the resolution of the 7th CPVCC plenary session on agriculture, farmers and rural development needed to be carried out. In addition, social welfare policies to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty needed to be boosted.

He said greater state investment was needed to improve healthcare services, education, scientific and technological research and environmental protection. In addition, the nation needed to boost foreign cooperation and international economic integration, the Party leader said.

At this session, the Party made the third conclusion on social and economic directions so far this year. The two previous were the CPV’s Political Bureau Conclusion 22  and Conclusion 25, which served as a basis for the Government to outline eight groups of solutions to control inflation, stabilize the macro-economy, ensure social welfare and achieve sustainable development.-


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