Premier guides e-border-guard procedures at seaports
From April 18, e-border-guard procedures at seaports will be carried out around the clock.

From April 18, e-border-guard procedures at seaports will be carried out around the clock.

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The new regulation is provided in Prime Minister Decision No. 10 dated March 3, 2016, prescribing the performance of e-border-guard procedures at seaports under management of the Ministry of National Defense’s Border Guards.

Accordingly, as soon as the portal for e-border-guard procedures at seaports is connected with the national single-window portal, a person carrying out the procedures is required to make e-declarations and submit an e-dossier to the border-guard station of the seaport.

The border-guard station will have to complete e-border-guard procedures at the seaport under the regulations on e-procedures applicable to vessels calling at or leaving seaports and offshore oil and gas ports via the national single-window portal.

Where a breakdown occurs in the national single-window portal, the procedures will be carried out via the portal of the seaport.

The new regulation applies to Vietnamese vessels on entry or exit; foreign vessels and crews on entry or exit, in transit or navigating between seaports (including oil and gas exploration and exploitation service ships operating offshore; foreign vessels having domestic transport permits issued by the Ministry of Transport; and Vietnamese-owned vessels flying foreign state flags of foreign nationalities); and foreign nuclear-powered vessels and vessels carrying radioactive substances.

In addition, foreign vessels arriving at Vietnamese seaports to carry out scientific research, fishery, salvage, sunken property recovery, marine facility construction and natural resource survey, exploration and exploitation activities in Vietnam's sea areas, and having permits or written approvals of competent Vietnamese agencies, are also obliged to comply with this Decision.- (VLLF)

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