Quilted jacket collection - Contemporary touch on tradition
With a desire to provide a deeper insight into one of Hanoi’s heritage, designer Trinh Bich Thuy has introduced a collection entitled “Nine Layers of Clouds” at Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam (the Temple of Literature) in Vietnam’s capital, featuring creations that blend traditional culture with contemporary and sustainable fashion designs.
By meticulously patching together small pieces of long-lasting silk via a quilting technique, the designer has created a palette in the “Nine Layers of Clouds” collection that resembles billowing clouds__Photo: VNA
The garments are crafted from silk and organza, featuring a nostalgic design style__Photo: VNA
Tourists admire the “Grain of Rice” jacket made from black silk__Photo: VNA
A jacket is crafted using embroidery techniques and depicts lotus flowers__Photo: VNA
The exhibition’s unique contemporary art-inspired design captivates visitors to the Temple of Literature__Photo: VNA
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