Square-fruit Malabar Almond trees on Ly Son Island
In addition to boasting famous attractions such as Mount Thoi Loi, Hang Cau Cave, Bai Sau Beach, Hang Pagoda, and Duc Pagoda, Ly Son has also gained a new highlight: streets shaded by “bang vuong” or square-fruit Malabar Almond trees.
Bang vuong trees are found everywhere on Ly Son Island, from temples and caves to roadsides, around the Hoang Sa Flotilla Exhibition House monument, and in the grounds of village communal houses.__Photo: Vietnamplus
After nearly 10 years of effort, more than 3,000 bang vuong trees have been planted in the island district and are thriving.__Photo: Vietnamplus
Bang vuong flowers bloom only at night.__Photo: Vietnamplus
Bang vuong fruit resembles a unique lantern.__Photo: Vietnamplus
Visitors to Ly Son Island can admire thousands of bang vuong trees and their vigorous vitality, which have withstood storms to stand firm on this frontier island of Vietnam.__Photo: Vietnamplus
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