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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Top ten new regulations of 2009

Updated: 09:41’ - 25/12/2009

1.    Government Decree No. 51/2009/ND-CP of June 3, guiding a number of articles of National Assembly Resolution No. 19/2008/QH12 of June 3, 2008, on pilot permission for foreign organizations and individuals to buy and own homes in Vietnam. The Decree specifies papers evidencing the eligibility of foreign entities and conditions on them to buy, inherit, be donated and own homes in Vietnam. It also provides for the order of and procedures for the issuance of house ownership and residential land use right certificates to eligible foreign entities.

2.    Government Decree No. 62/2009/ND-CP of July 27, detailing and guiding a number of articles of the Law on Health Insurance. This Decree specifies health insurance premium payers and rates; levels of support; responsibility to pay and methods of paying health insurance premiums; the scope of health insurance benefits; and methods of paying expenses for health insurance-covered medical care.

3.    Government Decree No. 69/2009/ND-CP of August 13, additionally providing for land use planning and plans; land recovery; compensation, support and resettlement upon land recovery by the State; land prices; land allocation and lease; grant of certificates of land use rights and house and land-attached asset ownership; and extension of the land use duration.

4.    Government Decree No. 78/2009/ND-CP of September 22, guiding a number of articles of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality regarding the naturalization in Vietnam, restoration, renunciation and registration for retention of the Vietnamese nationality.

5.    Government Decree No. 85/2009/ND-CP of October 15, guiding the 2005 Bidding Law and the 2009 Law Revising a Number of Articles of the laws concerning capital construction investment, and guiding the selection of construction contractors under the Construction Law.

6.    Prime Minister Decision No. 119/2009/QD-TTg of October 1, promulgating the Regulation on foreign experts implementing ODA programs and projects. This Regulation applies to foreign experts involved in managing and implementing ODA programs and projects and their Vietnam-based family members. It replaces the Regulation promulgated together with Decision No. 211/1998/QD-TTg of October 31, 1998.

7.    Finance Ministry Circular No. 79/2009/TT-BTC of April 20, guiding customs procedures; customs inspection and supervision; import duty, export duty and tax administration of imports and exports.

8.    Construction Ministry Circular No. 27/2009/TT-BXD of July 31, guiding a number of provisions on quality management of construction works.

9.    Natural Resources and Environment Ministry Circular No. 14/2009/TT-BTNMT of October 1, detailing compensation, support and resettlement and the order of and procedures for land recovery, allocation and lease.

10.   Finance Ministry Circular No. 222/2009/TT-BTC of November 25, providing provisional guidance on e-customs procedures for goods imported and exported under goods trading contracts; goods imported and exported for the performance of processing contracts with foreign traders or ordered for overseas processing; goods imported and exported as materials imported for export production; goods brought into or out of export-processing enterprises, priority enterprises and bonded warehouses; goods imported and exported for implementation of investment projects; goods traded in the form of temporary import for re-export; on-the-spot imported and exported goods; goods which have been exported but later returned; goods which have been imported but must be re-exported; and goods imported and exported from/to border gate. The General Director of Customs is tasked to specify a roadmap for pilot implementation of these e-customs procedures.-


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