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Official Gazette

Monday, August 19, 2019
Law on Special Amnesty Law on Special Amnesty
The Law on Special Amnesty was passed in last November to institutionalize the 2013 Constitution regarding the leniency and humanitarian policy for persons sentenced to imprisonment.
Law on Animal Husbandry Law on Animal Husbandry
Adopted in last November and effective from the beginning of next year, the Law on Animal Husbandry provides a legal framework on domestic animal breeds, animal feed, animal husbandry conditions, humane treatment of domestic animals, and product processing and markets. The Law also prescribes the rights and obligations of organizations and individuals involved in animal husbandry activities and state management of animal husbandry.
Law on Crop Production Law on Crop Production
From January 1 next year, the Law on Crop Production  will take effect, superseding the 2004 Ordinance on Plant Varieties.
Law on the Vietnam Coast Guard Law on the Vietnam Coast Guard
The Law on the Vietnam Coast Guard was adopted at the sixth session of the 14th National Assembly last November. This is a solid legal foundation for enforcement of Vietnam’s maritime law, greatly contributing to the protection of national sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction in the maritime zones of Vietnam.
Law amending 37 planning-related laws Law amending 37 planning-related laws
The Law amending 37 laws related to the Planning Law (the Law) was passed at the sixth session of the 14th National Assembly in November last year.
Law on National Defense Law on National Defense
The Law on National Defense was passed in June this year to institutionalize new guidelines and viewpoints of the Party and the 2013 Constitution on national defense and building of armed forces of Vietnam.
New Law on Cyber Security New Law on Cyber Security
Adopted last June, the Law on Cyber Security aims to meet the need to protect the national security and ensure social order and safety in cyberspace.
New Law on Topography and Cartography New Law on Topography and Cartography
The Law on Topography and Cartography, which is the first of its kind in Vietnam, can be seen as a legal framework for the development of the topography and cartography sector in the country.
Revised Law on Denunciations Revised Law on Denunciations
The Law on Denunciations, which will come into force on January 1 next year, aims to further facilitate the people’s exercise of their right to denunciation and better protect whistleblowers.
Law on Legal Aid Law on Legal Aid
Effective in January this year, the 2017 Law on Legal Aid regulates the provision of “pro bono” legal services to disadvantaged people and policy beneficiaries as one of the policies to guarantee human rights and citizens’ rights. The Law replaces its predecessor enacted in 2006.


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