Anti-dumping tariff on imported stainless steel to be imposed

In order to protect the domestic steel market, the Ministry of Industry and Trade on September 5 issued Decision No. 7896/QD-BCT imposing anti-dumping duty rates, ranging from 3.07 to 37.29 percent, on stainless steel products imported from mainland China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Accordingly, these duties will be imposed specifically on cold-rolled stainless steel products classified under HS codes of 7219.32.00, 7219.33.00, 7219.34.00, 7219.35.00 and 7219.90.00, as well as 7220.20.10, 7220.20.90, 7220.90.10 and 7220.90.90.

The highest duty rate of 37.29 percent is to be imposed on Yuan Long Stainless Steel Corporation of Taiwan. Other Taiwanese steel manufacturers will be subjected to a 13.79 percent duty rate.

For Chinese steel manufacturers, the anti-dumping duty rate will be between 4.64 and 6.87 percent.

Indonesian steel manufacturers will face a 3.07 percent duty rate and Malaysian manufactures will have steel taxed at 10.71 percent.-

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