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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Cosmetic producers must meet CGMP-ASEAN standards

Updated: 09:32’ - 15/03/2016
Cosmetic producers must have personnel, premises, equipment and documentation systems suitable to the types of their products to satisfy “Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice” principles and standards as provided in Appendix VI to ASEAN Cosmetic Documents (CGMP-ASEAN).

Such requirement is set out in a decree on conditions for cosmetic production, which is being drafted by the Ministry of Health.
Production line of the Miss Saigon Elegance at the Saigon Cosmetics Corporation__Photo: Internet

Under the draft, establishments satisfying CGMP-ASEAN principles and standards would be granted certificates, specifying the types of their production chains. Such a certificate would be valid for three years.

Those fully meeting the conditions for cosmetic production must maintain these conditions throughout their operation period and undergo post-sales inspection and supervision by the Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health or Inspectorates under provincial-level Health Departments.

Inspection would be conducted on a periodical or extraordinary basis. Extraordinary inspection would take place when state management agencies detect an establishment’s serious violation of, or failure to comply with, regulations on cosmetic production conditions or when they receive complaints from customers.

If failing to meet the prescribed conditions, cosmetic producers must suspend their production until they send reports on satisfaction of such conditions, submit a dossier for inspection registration and obtain a competent authority’s certification of their eligibility for cosmetic production.

For cosmetic products made by ineligible establishments, competent state management agencies would decide to revoke the granted announcement slips of cosmetic products and, depending on the severity of the violations, issue nationwide revocation notices for these products.

If being approved, the draft decree would come into force on July 1 of this year.- (VLLF)

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