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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Draft circular tightens inspection of origin of exports

Updated: 08:08’ - 15/10/2018
The Ministry of Industry and Trade is working on a draft circular on inspection and verification of the origin of exports, aiming to improve the quality of the country’s exported goods.

Accordingly, the origin of exports would be inspected and verified in one of the following three methods: (i) examining dossiers and documents certifying goods origin (ii) verifying goods origin at production facilities; and (iii) combining documentary examination with verification of origin at production facilities.

Documentary examination would be conducted at the request of agencies in charge of verifying goods origin or customs offices or investigation agencies of importing countries on a random basis or upon appearance of doubts or signs of origin frauds.

If documentary examination results show insufficient grounds for determining the origin of goods, customs or investigation agencies of importing countries may request Vietnamese competent agencies to conduct verification at production facilities. In this case, agencies in charge of verifying goods origin would certify the conformity between actual information about exporters’ production facilities and lawful headquarters and registered information; collect information relating to exporters’ production and trading activities, and export markets and information on export production materials and material suppliers; and inspect the storage of and explanation about dossiers certifying goods origin.- (vLLF)

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