Driving test for foreigners to get driver license
To be granted a motorcylce driver license, all trainees, including foreigners and Vietnamese, will have to pass theory and practical driving tests.

I am a foreigner currently living in Vietnam with my father who is an expat working in the country. I am 19 years old and now learning in a university in Vietnam. May I take a driving test for a motorcycle driver license in Vietnam?

According to the Vietnamese law (Article 8 of the Ministry of Transport’s Circular No. 46/2012/TT-BGTVT of November 7, 2012, on driver training, driving tests and grant of driver licenses, and Clause 1, Article 60 of Law No. 23/2008/QH12 on Road Traffic), a person applying for a driver license in Vietnam must meet the following conditions:

- Being a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner allowed to reside or currently working and studying in Vietnam.

- Attaining the age of at least 18 years (on the date of driving test), and being physically fit and educated as prescribed.

Because you are 19 years old and are now living and studying in Vietnam, you may sit in a driver license test in the country.

First of all, you have to submit a dossier directly to a licensed driver training center. Your dossier must comprise:

- Certified copies of your passport and visa with a stay duration of over 3 months.

- An application for study and taking of driving test for a driver license, made according to the form given at the training center.

- A health certificate issued by a competent medical establishment (health test will be given at the training center upon the registration)

- Four passport photos (of 3 cm x 4 cm size) taken at the training center.

A German woman running in an 8-shaped curve in a driver training center in Ho Chi Minh City__Photo: Calvin Godfrey

All trainees, including foreigners and Vietnamese, will have to pass theory and practical dirving tests. For the theory test, you have to correctly answer at least 16 or 18 out of 20 computerized questions on the traffic law for class A1 or A2 driver licenses, respectively. In the practical test, you have to take four consecutive tests: running in an 8-shaped curve, running straight in a narrow lane, passing by obstacles and running on a bumpy road. When taking the driving test, you will have to ride a motorcycle provided by the testing council.

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