Enrolling your child in Vietnamese school
If you are a foreigner residing in Vietnam and wishing to enroll your child in a local school, here is what you need to know.

I am from the Philippines and married to a Vietnamese. My wife gave birth to our daughter in the Philippines and we are now living in Vietnam. Our daughter is 12 years old. What papers we are required to prepare to enroll her in a Vietnamese school?

In case your daughter has Vietnamese nationality or dual citizenship:

Your daughter has the right to enroll in Vietnamese schools like Vietnamese children and may study in any public or private schools as you wish or she wishes.

The dossier for her enrollment in a Vietnamese school must comprise:

+ An application for school enrollment in Vietnam;

+ A valid copy of your daughter’s birth certificate;

+ A valid copy of your household registration book (enclosed with the original for comparison, notarization is not required) or a written appointment of the police office in the district, rural district or town where you reside, clearly noting the completion of entering into registration book, or a document certifying your residence in the area issued by the police office in the ward, commune or township where you reside; and,

+ Previous school records of your daughter.

A self-financed foreign student must have a satisfactory command of Vietnamese language for the relevant training level or curriculum__Photo: Internet

In case your daughter has Philippine nationality only:

Under the Ministry of Education and Training’s Circular No. 03/2014/TT-BGDDT dated February 25, 2015, promulgating the Regulation on management of foreigners studying in Vietnam, your daughter is regarded as a self-financed foreign student. Therefore, she must satisfy the following conditions for enrollment in Vietnam:

+ Having a satisfactory command of Vietnamese language for the relevant training level or curriculum.

Foreign students who register to use other languages permitted to be used in training by educational institutions in their study, research and practice activities must satisfy the requirement of command of those languages for specific curricula.

If your daughter is not influent in Vietnamese, she must take a pre-enrollment Vietnamese training course. The institution that admits your daughter for training must organize a pre-enrollment Vietnamese training course for her or send her to an institution offering such training course.

The pre-enrollment Vietnamese training period will be stated in a training contract.

After completing the pre-enrollment course, your daughter will have to take a test of Vietnamese skills. If passing the test, she may be granted a certificate and admitted to the official curricula; if failing the test, she will be required to continue learning Vietnamese until another test.

+ Having good health to study in Vietnam. After arriving in Vietnam, your daughter is required to have a health check-up at a health establishment designated by the Vietnamese educational institution or foreign student-servicing institution.

For your daughter’s enrollment in Vietnam, you have to submit one set of dossier in Vietnamese or English, which must comprise:

+ A registration form;

+ Copies and translations of diplomas and education results certified or notarized by competent agencies of the Philippines as prescribed by law for each education grade or training level;

+ A health certificate granted by a competent health institution of the Philippines or a Vietnamese provincial-level or central health institution within six months by the date of dossier submission;

+ A valid copy of certificate of Vietnamese language command granted by a competent educational institution or international certificate of command of the language permitted for use in Vietnam for study (if any);

+ Copies of documents proving the financial capability for study, research and daily life in Vietnam; and,

+ Valid copies of documents and certificates of aptitude, professional knowledge and research achievements (if any).

+ A valid copy of the passport which remains valid for the whole period of study in Vietnam or at least one year from the expected date of arrival in Vietnam.

Your daughter’s dossier will be received under the agreement or training contract between the school and your daughter or the institution or individual that grants scholarship to your daughter. For enrolling your daughter in a Vietnamese school, you have to reach agreement and enter into a training contract with such school.-(VLLF)

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