Government keen on gender equality
The Prime Minister on March 31 issued Decision No. 515/QD-TTg, approving a plan on measures to ensure gender equality towards female employees during 2016-20.

The Prime Minister on March 31 issued a decision approving a plan on measures to ensure gender equality towards female employees during 2016-20.

Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Home Affairs' Department of Organization and Personnel Truong Thi Lien presents the report reviewing five year's implementation of the national strategy on gender equality during 2011-20__Photo:

The plan seeks to narrow the gap in positions, roles and opportunities at work between male and female cadres, civil servants and public employees in human resource planning, training, employment and promotion at state agencies and organizations.

Under the plan, the country looks to develop a strong contingent of female public employees qualified for national industrialization and modernization and international integration.

The Party and the State have always attached importance to woman-related affairs, creating favorable conditions for women to ensure their rights, and promoting their roles in all fields of politics, economy, culture and society.

However, the application of gender-equality regulations has not yet helped narrow the gap between men and women in positions, roles and career development opportunities, which is shown in low rates of female deputies to the National Assembly and People’s Councils as well as female leaders.

According to the plan, the Prime Minister requests raising awareness and responsibilities of heads of agencies and organizations and individuals in implementing guidelines and policies of the Party and the State on gender equality, stressing the lawful appointment and assignment of female employees and non-discrimination between men and women of same titles or positions.

The plan also emphasizes the appointment of eligible women to managerial titles and positions to realize national objectives on gender equality.

As of current, Vietnam has three female Politburo members, or nearly 16 percent, and more than half of ministries and agencies have women holding key positions.- (VLLF)

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