Healthcare sector innovating for the people’s benefit
During 69years of formation and development (February 27, 1955 - 2024), Vietnam’s healthcare sector has undergone comprehensive and robust development. The population has been provided with access to enjoy quality healthcare services,live in safe communities, and thrive physically and mentally.
The surgical team at Military Hospital 103 successfully performs its first lung transplant from a living donor on February 21, 2017.__Photo: VNA
In 2021, Vietnam successfully runs a COVID-19 vaccination campaign on a nationwide scale, and ranks among the top six countries with the highest vaccine coverage in the world.__Photo: VNA
The Biochemical and Haematological Testing Department at the Song Thuong Bac Giang General Hospital is equipped with modern facilities, enhancing the quality of healthcare services.__Photo: VNA
Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City successfully applies two endoscopic techniques during a kidney stone removal surgery for a 58-year-old female patient from Vinh Long province in May 2023.__Photo: VNA
Doctors and healthcare staff at the Paediatric Emergency and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Central Highlands General Hospital, tirelessly provide care and treatment to newborns in February 2024.__Photo: VNA
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