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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Measures to ensure gender equality

Updated: 10:48’ - 29/08/2008

Measures to ensure gender equality are specified in a draft decree detailing a number of articles of the Law on Gender Equality, which is now put up for public comment.

Information, education and communication on gender and gender equality; integration of gender equality issues in the elaboration of legal documents; promotion of gender equality and support of poor and ethnic minority women living and working in deep-lying and remote areas are among these measures.

In order to promote gender equality, the drat stipulates that the proportions of men and women or a proper proportion of women participating in social life’s activities must be prescribed on the basis of equality in professional criteria, age and other criteria. Opportunities should be created for women and men to share the reproductive function, housework and social activities in line with gender equality objectives. When women fully meet the prescribed conditions and criteria as for men, they must be the first to be selected.

However, according to the draft, the above measures would terminate when gender equality objectives have been attained; or economic, cultural and social conditions causing big differences between men and women have changed.

In the process of drafting legal documents, lawmakers should take into account issues related to gender equality; economic, social, administrative and legal measures to guarantee gender equality or to settle issues related to gender inequality and discrimination and these measures’ impacts on men and women, the draft stipulates.-


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