NA Standing Committee holds the 33rd meeting
On December 22, the National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee opened its 33rd session in Hanoi.

On December 22, the National Assembly (NA)Standing Committee opened its 33rd session in Hanoi.

The two-day session aims at reviewing theoutcomes of the 13th NA's 8th session and debating fourdraft laws and two draft ordinances, including the revised Civil Code.

NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung presides over the 33rd meeting__Photo: Nhan Sang/VNA

Opening the session, NA Chairman Nguyen SinhHung said the 8th session was successful, helping strengthen voters'confidence in the Party and the State.

He also emphasized the importance of the 33rdmeeting, as it would gather opinions on the working agenda for the NA's 9thsitting in early 2015.

On the same day, the Standing Committee debatedthe Law on Promulgation of Legal Documents regarding its name, contents andscope of regulation.

Specifically, while some prefer to keep theold name as it matches the draft law’s contents submitted by the Government tothe National Assembly, others proposed reviewing the entire contents and redefiningits scope of regulation before naming, then submitting it to the StandingCommittee.

According to NA Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu,adjusting the Law would take time.

Regarding the Law on the Vietnam FatherlandFront, most agreed that the Law must be proposed to the NA Standing Committeefor consultation on a number of its major issues.-

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