Nang Hai - Unique festival of Tay ethnic group
Located in northern Vietnam, Cao Bang province has preserved many of the unique traditional cultural values of local ethnic communities. Among them, the Nang Hai Festival in Tien Thanh commune, Phuc Hoa district, stands out, as it embodies the distinctive cultural characteristics of the Tay people.
Tay women perform the fan dance ritual__Photo: VNP/VNA
Dances performed during the Nang Hai Festival__Photo: VNP/VNA
Offerings presented to Nang Hai are meticulously and carefully prepared__Photo: VNP/VNA
“Nang Hai” cake is only made during the Nang Hai Festival__Photo: VNP/VNA
The Tay people perform different fan dances depending on the ritual or ceremony, but all share the common practice of dancers making three trips around the ceremonial area__Photo: VNP/VNA
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