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Friday, August 12, 2022

Non-stop toll collection to be implemented nationwide

Updated: 08:10’ - 13/04/2020
All toll plazas would be required to have automated lanes for non-stop toll collection, according to a draft decision on non-stop electronic toll collection recently released by the Ministry of Transport.

All toll plazas would be required to have automated lanes for non-stop toll collection__Photo: VNA
The draft proposes that a toll plaza would maintain at least one mixed lane for both electronic toll collection (ETC) and manual toll collection (MTC) in each direction. Multi-lane free-flow tolling would be used if vehicles with e-tags make up at least 94 percent of the total number of vehicles in circulation and electronically paid tolls account for 95 percent of the total revenue from road tolls.

Conventional toll plazas without a non-stop ETC system would have to apply this system within one year after an ETC service provider is selected. Toll stations already equipped with an ETC system but having not applied it to collect road tolls would be suspended from operation. Those under new construction investment projects would not be allowed to collect tolls until they have non-stop ETC lanes.

Vehicles, whether being subject to or free from road tolls, would have e-tags installed at motor vehicle registration centers or authorized agents. Vehicle owners would not have to pay costs for the first installation of e-tags, but must pay if their tags are lost or damaged not for objective reasons or technical errors.

A vehicle owner would receive an account for fee collection via the ETC system upon the first installation of an e-tag. One account might be used for multiple vehicles but every vehicle would have road tolls paid via only one account.

At 9am every day, ETC service providers would channel the amount collected at non-stop ETC stations in the previous day to investors after relevant expenses are deducted.- (VLLF)


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