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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Party Central Committee sets out major tasks for coming years

Updated: 17:41’ - 30/10/2013

Participants in the eighth plenum of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee on October 9 adopted a resolution when they concluded their 10-day meeting in Hanoi.

The resolution covered such major issues as macro-economic stabilization and inflation control, amendments to the 1992 Constitution, comprehensive reform of education, national defense, and Party building work.

All members of the Party Central Committee agreed that the country’s biggest achievements in the last three years were successful control of inflation and stabilization of the macro-economy, and pointed to the necessity to exert greater efforts in 2014 and 2015 to maintain these achievements.

The Party Central Committee also agreed that assuring social welfare and security for the people were important tasks of the Party and Government.

Other key tasks include protection of national resources and the environment and the formulation of a proactive policy on climate change.

Participants resolved to promote the ongoing administrative reform and the fight against corruption and waste.

They also agreed that thorough reform of education was of great importance and should focus on major and urgent issues, both theoretical and practical, saying “The reform must take place in the whole education sector, from the central to grassroots level.”

The current overall reform this time continues the best lessons learned from the past while introducing new ideas to create comprehensive changes to education. Additionally, the reform must be conducted systematically and made suitable to the practical conditions in each region.

All participants agreed that the latest draft revision of the 1992 Constitution was basically complete in terms of contents and techniques, meeting all the set objectives and requirements.

The draft reflects the will and aspirations of the nation. The revised Constitution more clearly, correctly and comprehensively regulates the political system, economy, culture, education, science and technology, human rights and the rights and basic obligations of citizens and the government apparatus.

The 1992 Constitution Revision Drafting Committee will further complete the draft based on the changes agreed at this plenum and submit it to the sixth session of the National Assembly for passage.

The Party Central Committee reiterated its resolve to realize all objectives, viewpoints and orientations adopted at this plenum while making them suit the new situation.

“We have to do our best to have a strong economy and mighty national defense while winning the people’s hearts and minds and maintaining political and social stability,” the participants affirmed.

The Party must hold high its absolute and direct leadership role toward the cause of national defense. Economic development will continue to be the core task of the Party while the Party-building work is the key and cultural development is the spiritual foundation of society.

The participants also discussed the establishment of five sub-committees to prepare for the 12th National Party Congress, including the document sub-committee, the socio-economic sub-committee, the Party Statute sub-committee, the personnel sub-committee and the service organization for the Party Congress sub-committee.-


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