PM requires to adjust COVID prevention policy in line with new situation
PM requires to adjust COVID prevention policy in line with new situation

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has asked ministries, agencies and localities to study and adjust COVID-19 prevention and control policies in line with the new situation.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chairs the meeting on COVID-19 prevention and control with 63 localities on November 6.__Photo: VNA

He was speaking at a teleconference of the National Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control with 63 localities on November 6.

With the pandemic still developing complicatedly, unstably and unpredictably, he urged for the continuous increase of the surveillance system and improvement of treatment capacity with vaccination being still a strategic policy, and the development of a response plan at a national level.

The Government leader stressed that the viewpoint of the management will still continue putting people's lives as the top priority, effectively implementing the motto of flexible adaptation and controlling the disease at an early stage and from grassroots levels with high vigilance.

He asked to continue implementing comprehensive measures to ensure social security, social order and safety and promote production and trade following the Program on Socio-economic Recovery and Development and the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Program.

The PM instructed ministries, agencies and localities to keep close watch over the pandemic and regularly analyze the situation to proactively build response plans; update professional guidelines and support localities in pandemic prevention and control.

They were also urged to speed up vaccinations following set targets and have measures to distribute vaccines to meet localities' demand.

"Vaccination is still a strategic weapon in pandemic prevention and control," the PM said.

"It will be easier for people to get COVID-19 with a high rate of getting worse or fatality without vaccines. All people needed to be inoculated fully, safely, scientifically and effectively."

PM Chinh asked ministries, agencies and localities to review the implementation of Resolution 128 on safe and flexible adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic and the National Assembly's Resolution No. 30 on COVID-19 prevention and control mechanisms and policies.

The Government leader proposed the steering committees for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control of localities to focus on accelerating vaccination; prepare treatment for COVID-19 patients; ensure enough supply of drugs, materials, medical equipment and human resources for the pandemic prevention and control.

He required ministries, agencies and the press to provide information relating to the pandemic in a timely manner with balance and objective.

Apart from COVID-19 prevention and control, PM Chinh also asked ministries, sectors and localities to pay attention to measures to prevent other diseases such as dengue fever, hand, foot and mouth disease, and monkeypox.

Vietnam has recorded over 11.5 million cases of COVID-19. The number of patients fully recovering from the virus is more than 10.6 million, accounting for 92.2 percent. More than 43,000 COVID-10 patients died, equivalent to 0.38 percent.

The country has so far administered over 262 million doses of vaccines.-(VNS/VLLF)

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