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Official Gazette

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Work and training release program for inmates to be piloted

Updated: 17:00’ - 04/02/2022
Inmates satisfying certain conditions may participate in a work and training release program which would be applied on a pilot basis once it is approved by the National Assembly.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, (MPS) the designer of the program, the pilot program would aim to remove existing difficulties in assignment of work and provision of vocational training for inmates at detention facilities and better prepare inmates for reentry from jail to the community. In addition, the implementation of the pilot program must ensure absolute security as well as occupational safety and health for inmates.  

Under the pilot program, detention establishments would coordinate with qualified organizations and individuals in setting up inmates’ working, career orientation and vocational training facilities which must be located at easily accessible places at most 50km away from the detention establishments. Each working, career orientation and vocational training facility must have sufficient workshops or workspace to organize working sessions or vocational classes for at least 20 inmates.

Inmates participating in the pilot program would be entitled to enjoy rights and benefits in accordance with the Law on Criminal Judgment Execution. Those who break the rules during the period of work or training release and are subject to the punishment of sending to disciplinary rooms would be sent back to detention facilities to serve their penalties.
As proposed by the MPS, to be eligible for participating in the pilot program, inmates must meet several conditions regarding the time of serving imprisonment sentences, behaviors and attitudes, among others.

Particularly, prisoners who are convicted of appropriating property through swindling, raping, raping of under 16-year persons, illegally manufacturing, stockpiling, transporting, using, purchasing or selling military weapons, murder, stealing property in a professional manner, plundering or robbing property in a professional manner or with the use of weapons, and committing assault in order to escape would not be considered for work and training release. Foreign inmates, juvenile offenders, and national security-related prisoners would also be disqualified for participation in the pilot program.- (VLLF)


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