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Friday, July 19, 2019

Press agencies to be better managed

Updated: 11:03’ - 21/08/2015
>>New contents of the draft revised press law

In order to uniformly sanction violations of press and news agencies in publishing, transmitting and providing information, the Government on August 7 issued Decree No. 65/2015/ND-CP, amending a number of the decrees on sanctioning of administrative violations of publishing, broadcasting, providing or disclosing untruthful information.

Hanoi Public Security answers reporters in a press conference__Photo: Trong Duc/VNA

Accordingly, press agencies that publish untruthful information in the fields of statistics; atomic energy; management of prices, charges, fees and invoices; education; civil aviation; vocational training; hydrometeorology; cartography; and health will be uniformly sanctioned under Article 8 of Government Decree No. 159 of November 12, 2013.

Specifically, press agencies that publish works infringing upon copyrights, quote or republish news or articles without indicating sources, or indicate incorrect sources, or fail to indicate authors’ names or pen names will be fined up to VND 500,000. 

Those publishing untruthful information causing no serious consequences, disclosing personal secrets of people without their consents or publishing information about mystical stories without accompanying references will be subject to a fine of between VND 1 and 3 million.

Act of publishing works containing untruthful information, thus causing material damage, describing in detail obscene actions, horrible killings in news reports, articles or photos, or publishing works which are unsuitable to the fine traditions and customs of Vietnam will be fined up to VND 10 million.

Those who publish publications with distorted contents aiming to slander or infringe upon the prestige of agencies or institutions will be fined up to VND 20 million. This fine will also be imposed for publishing Vietnam maps without showing all islands and areas under the national sovereignty.

Particularly, a fine of between VND 70 million and 100 million will be imposed for publishing or broadcasting works subject to circulation ban or confiscation decisions and works damaging national interests or undermining national unity.- (VLLF)

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