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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Horn blowing in Red Daos rituals Horn blowing in Red Dao’s rituals
The Dao, an ethnic group who migrated to Vietnam from China in the 13th century, believe that the Jade Emperor (called Nhut Hung in their language) is the king of heaven ruling the sky, earth, sea and hell.
Buying luck at Vieng market Buying luck at Vieng market
Vieng market, a spring festival deeply imbued with folk beliefs and culture of northern delta inhabitants, opens annually at midnight of the 7th till dawn of the 8th of the first lunar month in Nam Dinh northern province.
Dong Ho paintings "Dong Ho" paintings
Dong Ho is a small village by the Duong river, at the heartland of the former Kinh Bac (Northern Culture) region, especially known for its people's craft of making traditional paintings on do, a kind of hand‑made coarse paper.
Lion dance of the Nung Lion dance of the Nung
Whenever spring comes, all Nung ethnic people feel excited in the boisterous atmosphere of lion dance. The lion dance of the Nung, which is believed to originate from Chinese lion dance in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume, reflects the courage and nature-conquering process of the group. It also expresses their wish for bumper crops, prosperity and happiness in the new year.
Agricultural rites of Kho ethnic group Agricultural rites of K’ho ethnic group
Like other ethnic groups living in Truong Son - Tay Nguyen (Long Mountain - Highlands) region, the K’ho, also known as Co Ho or Ko Ho, practice polytheism, worshipping multiple “yang” (deities). This originates from the primitive perception of people who lead a poor life dependent on nature and always affected with diseases and therefore need the support of many deities.
Cho Ro veneration of Goddess of Rice Cho Ro veneration of Goddess of Rice
Sa Yang Va is the name of the ceremony dedicated to the Goddess of Rice, the biggest festival of the Cho Ro ethnic group living mostly in Dong Nai southern province with a population of nearly 27,000.
Mang hoa a unique ceremony of the La Ha Mang hoa, a unique ceremony of the La Ha
Mang hoa is an important festival for the La Ha, a Kadai language ethnic group living in the northern mountainous provinces of Lai Chau and Son La.
Bridal customs of the black Thai Bridal customs of the black Thai
The black Thai are free in love but their marriages are decided by parents and family lines. Lovers who wish to get married will exchange tokens of love like bracelets, rings or embroidered handkerchiefs.
Home-related ceremonies of the Tay Muong Home-related ceremonies of the Tay Muong
Building a house is an important event for the Tay Muong who hold solemn ceremonies at different stages of the construction process to win the gods’ protection for the family when they move in the new home.
Customary law of the Thai Customary law of the Thai
Having evolved along with historical developments of the Thai, customary law has become an effective tool to regulate the society of this ethnic group.


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