Dao Tien ethnic minority preserving brocade-weaving craft
The Dao Tien ethnic minority group in Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province, have spared no effort in promoting their brocade weaving craft as a way to preserve their cultural traits and boost local tourism.
The hands of Dao Tien women change colour from dyeing their clothes at an early age. It is tradition that young girls learn how to embroider, weave, and make their own outfits__Photo: VNA
The cloth is hung out to dry after being dyed indigo__Photo: VNA
Beeswax is used to create decorative patterns on the brocade__Photo: VNA
The patterns on the brocade illustrate the Dao Tien people’s unique culture__Photo: VNA
Brocade from the Dao Tien ethnic minority group in Sung village have found favour among visitors from far and wide__Photo: VNA
Skills in beeswax printing have been handed down through the generations__Photo: VNA
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