Early retired officials not subjected to pension reduction
Decree No. 26/2015/ND-CP requires competent agencies to arrange works for officials who are no longer young enough for reelection or reappointment but do not wish to retire early.

The Government on March 9 issued a decree promulgating regulations and policies applicable to officials who are too old for reelection or reappointment to termed positions and titles in the agencies of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the State and other socio-political organizations.Specifically, Decree No. 26/2015/ND-CP provides policies applicable to three categories of officials ineligible to be reelected or reappointed to the aforesaid positions and titles, including officials who retire before reaching or continue working until the retirement age, or stop working to wait for attainment of the retirement age.

Officials volunteer to retire early will not be subject to pension reduction__Photo: VNA

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