Exquisite art of Cham brocade weaving
The Cham ethnic minority community in Chau Phong commune, Chau Doc city, in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang has diligently preserved its traditional craft while embracing tourism development. With unique cultural values, the Cham villages have become a magnet for both local and international tourists.
For nearly half a century, Mr Mohamad’s family in Chau Phong commune have dedicated themselves to preserving and presenting traditional products to domestic and foreign tourists__Photo: Vietnam+
Each step of the weaving process requires the skilled hands of artisans, as they invest considerable time and effort in creating exquisite, high-quality products__Photo: Vietnam+
Mr. Mohamad has a long-term vision of blending the preservation of traditional crafts with tourism, aiming to showcase the exceptional allure of Cham brocade to visitors__Photo: Vietnam+
In addition to specializing in making sarongs and bandanas, Mr. Mohamad also ventures into crafting new brocade patterns in myriad vibrant colors, fashioning them into diverse handbag designs to cater to the varying tastes of tourists__Photo: Vietnam+
Traditional brocade weaving is not only a source of pride for Cham ethnic minority people, but also plays an indispensable role in their material and spiritual lives__Photo: Vietnam+
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