Luật điều ước quốc tế - LAW ON TREATIES
The Law on Treaties was passed on April 9, 2016, by the XIIIth National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam at 11th session. This Law has 10 Chapters with 84 Articles, prescribes the conclusion, reservation, amendment and supplementation, extension, termination, renunciation, withdrawal, suspension of implementation of treaties, deposit, archival, making of certified copies, publication, registration, and organization of implementation of treaties, It came into force on July 1, 2016 To meet the need of readers to learn the Law on Treaties in 2016, the National Political Publishing House collaborates with the Editorial Board of the Vietnam Law & Legal Forum magazine under Vietnam News Agency (the sole agency authorized to translate “Cong Bao” into English) to publish the Vietnamese – English bilingual Law on Treaties. The English translation is reference only. We have the honor of introducing this book to readers.
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