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Official Gazette

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Measures provided to guarantee security at international airports

Updated: 20:12’ - 07/04/2022

The Minister of Public Security would be empowered to stop flights from and to one or more than one international airport within 24 hours under emergency circumstances to protect national security.

Such is provided in a draft decree on management and protection of security and order at air border gates recently unveiled by the Minister of Public Security (MPS) for public opinion.

When necessary to extend the above-said period, the MPS would propose the Prime Minister to adopt appropriate measures and immediately notify them to airports authority for implementation. 

If detecting illegal immigrants on board a plane or when necessary to prevent acts of infringing upon national security, border-gate public security offices would have the right to suspend the flight, in case the plane has not yet taken off (not yet entered taxiway), for a maximum period of two hours, which might be extended if the MPS head so approves.

Upon occurrence of risks threatening national security, which, however, do not reach the threshold for announcement of state of emergency or when necessary to apply special control measures at an international airport as prescribed by law, the MPS would coordinate with the Ministry of Transport in granting flight permits to the airport, adjusting entry and exit procedures for passengers and vehicles and re-arranging passenger flows so as to meet security requirements. In addition, the MPS would also increase patrol forces, set up security checkpoints at necessary positions, and supervise the whole airport. The period of application of special control measures would be decided by the Prime Minister.- (VLLF)


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