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Thursday, August 13, 2020

One-stop shop mechanism at local agencies

Updated: 09:46’ - 09/03/2006


The overall public administration reform program for the 2001-2010 period asserted: “To expand the implementation of the one-stop shop (OSS) mechanism at state administrative agencies at all levels in settling individuals’ and organizations’ affairs. State administrative agencies responsible for dealing with individuals’ and organizations’ affairs must publicly post up all procedures, processes, fees and work timetables at their working offices.”

Under the Regulation on the implementation of the OSS mechanism at local state administrative agencies, issued together with the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 181/2003/QD-TTg of September 4, 2003, the OSS mechanism is introduced to settle organizations’ and citizens’ affairs falling under the competence of state administrative agencies, from the receipt of requests or dossiers to the return of replies, through focal points called “sections for receipt of requests and return of replies” at state administrative agencies.

1. At provincial-level services, the OSS mechanism is implemented in the following domains:

Under Decision No. 181/2003/QD-TTg, the OSS mechanism will be implemented first in seven domains: Approval of domestic and foreign investment projects, approval of allocation of capital construction capital, grant of business registration certificates to enterprises, grant of construction permits, grant of dwelling house ownership and residential land use right certificates, lease of land, and provision of social policy entitlements. These seven domains correspond to the functions and tasks of four provincial-level Services of Planning and Investment; Construction; Natural Resources and Environment; and Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs. In practice, many localities have applied this mechanism in other domains which fall under the charge of these four services and other services as well. Specifically:

Planning and Investment Services:

- Approval of domestic and foreign investment projects.

- Grant of business registration certificates to enterprises.

- Grant of investment licenses and post-licensing procedures.

- Approval of construction investment projects according to decentralization.

- Evaluation and grant of investment preference certificates to domestic investment projects.

- Bidding.

Natural Resources and Environment Services:

- Grant of land use right certificates.

- Allocation of land.

- Lease of land.

- Transfer of land use rights.

- Change of land use purposes.

- Grant of permits for exploitation of minerals or water resources.

- Grant of environmental standard certificates.

Construction Services:

- Grant of construction permits.

- Grant of dwelling house ownership certificates.

- Evaluation of planning blueprints.

- Evaluation of designs and cost estimates of construction works.

- Grant of planning certificates.

Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Services:

- Settlement of labor and employment affairs.

- Settlement of social relief policies.

- Settlement of policies toward people with merits to the revolution.

- Grant of licenses to set up job-training establishments.

- Grant of certificates of registration of labor safety equipment.

- Ranking of enterprises.

Home Affairs Services:

- Receipt, seconding, transfer of cadres and civil servants, appointment of cadres and civil servants for overseas study or working missions.

- Salary raise.

- Procedures for opening branches, representative offices.

- Procedures for organizing international meetings, conferences.

- Procedures for application of licenses to set up associations.

- Procedures for approval of associations’ charters.

Justice Services:

- Change or correction of civil status details.

- Recognition of marriages and divorces between Vietnamese citizens and foreigners.

- Recognition of adoptions of Vietnamese children by foreigners.

- Grant of judicial records.

Science and Technology Services:

- Grant of certification of registration of scientific and technological activities.

- Grant of permits for use of medical radiation equipment.

- Grant of certificates of inspection of measuring equipment.

Education and Training Services:

- Grant of diplomas for all levels of general education and continuing education and certificates of training in the specialized education branch, signed by Education and Training Service directors.

- Grant of certificates of completion of junior education, senior education, junior complementary education or senior complementary education.

- Re-grant of diplomas and certificates of training in the specialized education branch, informatics, foreign languages, etc.

- Correction of errors or lawful adjustment of personal details of holders of diplomas or certificates previously granted by Education and Training Services.

- Grant of school change papers according to the decentralization of education administration.

Transport Services:

- Training, test, grant or renewal of driving licenses.

- Test of road motor vehicles.

- Evaluation of technical design, construction dossiers and cost estimates.

- Grant of permits for construction of traffic works on roads open for traffic.

- Handling of administrative violations in the domain of traffic order and safety (under the charge of traffic inspectorates).

Trade Services:

- Grant of satisfaction of business conditions.

- Grant of permits of registration and setting up of representatives or branches of foreign or Vietnamese traders in the territory of a province or city.

- Grant of import permits under mandate.

Culture and Information Services:

- Grant of advertisement permits.

- Grant of karaoke activity permits.

- Grant of publication permits.

- Grant of fine-art exhibition permits.

- Grant of permits for a number of professional or amateur art performances.

- Grant of certificates of satisfaction of conditions for dealing in tapes and discs.

Agriculture and Rural Development Services:

- Grant of animal quarantine certificates, animal health hygiene certificates, animal health practice licenses, animal health service licenses and veterinary medicine permits.

- Grant of plant quarantine certificates, licenses for provision of plant protection services and supply of plant protection drugs, and permits for disinfection of animal products.

- Grant of permits for exploitation of irrigation works, clean water and rural environment sanitation facilities.

- Evaluation of design dossiers for exploitation of natural forests or planted forests.

- Grant of permits for exploitation of forest products.

2. In districts, towns and provincial cities, the OSS mechanism is implemented in the following domains:

- Grant of business registration certificates to individual business households.

- Grant of construction permits.

- Grant of dwelling house ownership and land use right certificates.

- Registration of household status.

- Notarization.  

- Social policies.

3. In communes, wards and townships, the OSS mechanism is implemented in the following domains:

- Construction of dwelling houses.

- Land.

- Civil status.

- Authentication.

Besides, provincial/municipal People’s Committee presidents can base themselves on the practical situation of their localities to select some more domains for implementation of the OSS mechanism.-


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