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Friday, October 7, 2022

Party Central Committee of 12th tenure to be united, capable: Party official

Updated: 09:57’ - 20/01/2016
The 12th Party Central Committee will be a united, transparent and strong group that is steadfast in the goal of maintaining independence and developing democracy and socialism, Politburo member and permanent member of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat Le Hong Anh told Vietnam News Agency in a recent interview. 

It is one of the four requirements that have been set to build a Party Central Committee for the next tenure, he said.
Other prerequisites are having a sound structure to ensure comprehensive leadership, and increasing the number of Party Central Committee members working directly in areas of significance. 

Hanoi has completed the preparation for the 12th National Party Congress__Photo: Internet 

Members of the 12th Party Central Committee must have strong political will, qualified morals and competence in accordance with the Resolution on personnel strategy in this period of accelerating industrialization and modernization that was adopted at the third plenum of the eighth Party Central Committee. 

Regulations on personnel recommendation must be maintained and the process of recommending, screening and appointing personnel for the Party Central Committee, the Politburo, the Secretariat and key Party and State positions must be done objectively, transparently and fairly, Anh added. 

The Committee also pointed out flaws that any potential candidate cannot have, including having an unsteady political will, a tendency toward political opportunism and power-ambitions, violating rules of democratic centralism, acting unfairly in personnel assessment and promotion, working inefficiently bringing about declining prestige, untruthfulness in asset filing, as well as insufficient awareness of political history and current political developments, among others. 

The 12th Party Central Committee is expected to consist of 200 members, including 180 official members and 20 alternate ones, 55-60 percent of them will be incumbents. 

Members aged below 50 account for 15-20 percent, those aged 50-60 make up 65-70 percent and those above 60 represent 5-10 percent. 

Asked about outstanding five-year achievements in realizing the Resolution adopted at the 11th National Party Congress, Anh said the entire Party, people and armed forces have been successful in curbing inflation to 5 percent last year from 18.13 percent in 2011. 

The economy has been recovering since 2013, thanks to an overhauled economic structure and growth models. 

In terms of socio-culture, social welfare has been ensured, while general well-being has been improving. The socio-political life has been stable, national defense-security has been strengthened for the sake of national independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial sovereignty, as well as for national peace and stability. 

The country’s external relations and prestige has been ever growing and the great national unity plan has been brought into full play. 

The Party building process has proved successful, evidenced by initial progresses in realizing the Resolution on “Current urgent issues in Party building” set by the fourth plenum of the 11th Party Central Committee. 

The above achievements have laid an important foundation for more rapid and sustainable development, he commented. 

He attributed this to the sound leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Politburo, the Secretariat and Party Committees at all levels which he said, directed the effectuation of the Resolution adopted by the 11th Party Central Committee, and promptly dealt with emerging issues. 

Speaking about new points of the documents to be submitted to the 12th National Party Congress, he hailed the renewal of growth models that have now been shifted to more rapid and sustainable tracks, particularly amid the widespread global integration occurring at present. 

The draft documents also underlined the need for a heightened awareness of the socialist-oriented market economy, basic and comprehensive renovation in education and training, the development of human resources, science-technology and culture, the management of social development as well as social progress and justice. 

In national defense-security, he said the Party Central Committee underlined the need to set goals, requirements and viewpoints on national protection in the new situation. 

Simultaneously, it will continue synchronously implementing the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development, and being a trustworthy and responsible member of the international community. 

The documents also set out the tasks of expanding external relations, and promoting economic ties for socio-economic development and for industrialization and modernization. 

In the building of the Party and political system, the draft documents highlighted the viewpoints of “strongly promoting all resources and creativity of people” and “respecting differences which do not go against the nation’s common interests.” 

The documents also mentioned issues related to promoting socialist democracy, building a law-ruled socialist state, and speeding up the Party building process, with focus on the Resolution of the 11th Party Central Committee’s fourth plenum on Party building. 

In conclusion, Anh confirmed that preparations for the 12th National Party Congress have basically been completed. 

A recently-established press center based in the Vietnam National Convention Center will be responsible for providing the latest news about the event for the media. 

About 750 journalists from home and abroad will cover the event, 100 of them will be foreign press.- (VNA)

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