UN recognises Lunar New Year as a holiday
In its last session of 2023 on December 26, the United Nations General Assembly recognised for the first time the Lunar New Year as an annual holiday at the body. This recognition represents international acknowledgment of traditional Asian culture, including that of Vietnam.
During the Lunar New Year, many Vietnamese families visit calligraphers to seek works for good luck and prosperity, and for a peaceful and fortunate new year.__Photo: VNA
Square glutinous rice cakes are made to celebrate the Lunar New Year.__Photo: VNA
People shop at the Hang Luoc Flower Market in Hanoi during the Lunar New Year.__Photo: VNA
Human chess - a unique cultural tradition of the Vietnamese people during the Lunar New Year.__Photo: VNA
Fireworks welcome in the Lunar New Year at the stroke of midnight at Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake.__Photo: VNA
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