Vietnam News Agency signs cooperation agreement with TV BRICS
The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) on June 19 signed a cooperation agreement with TV BRICS International Media Network.
An overview of the XV International IT Forum__Photo: VNA

The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) on June 19 signed a cooperation agreement with TV BRICS International Media Network.

The document was inked by Bui Duy Trinh, head of the VNA representative office in Russia, who was authorized by the agency’s General Director Vu Viet Trang, and CEO of TV BRICS Janna Tolstikova on the sidelines of the XV International IT Forum in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District.

The agreement will enable the people of Vietnam to receive the most up-to-date and objective information on the development of BRICS, an intergovernmental organization comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates; and international activities of the BRICS member countries.

In turn, TV BRICS will adapt content received from colleagues from Hanoi into foreign languages, post them on its platforms – a multilingual portal and TV channel – and distribute them through a network of partners, which already includes more than 70 major media outlets from many countries around the world.

“We believe that BRICS has good prospects as many countries wish to become members of the association. The VNA sees even more opportunities for cooperation with foreign colleagues. The partnership with the TV BRICS International Media Network, which interacts with major national media from different countries, was an important step forward for us in the development of international information exchange,” said Trinh.

“The partnership of Vietnam's media as an active and responsible member of the international community with the media of the BRICS countries is necessary for the development of global cooperation. This is particularly important against the backdrop of the BRICS strengthening ties with Southeast Asian states. Thailand has officially announced its desire to join the association, and Malaysia has expressed interest. BRICS countries such as Russia, India and China are full-scale dialogue partners with ASEAN,” Janna Tolstikova stated.

Within the framework of the XV International IT Forum, the VNA’s representative attended a discussion session on new technologies in the communications industry, during which he said that AI can bring huge benefits and breakthroughs to economic development as well as in the information field.

Countries first need to have a comprehensive set of rules on AI, and news agencies need to issue guidance on how to use AI to avoid risks and negative impacts on security and social safety and order, he added.- (VNA/VLLF)

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